Hohokum: the guano factory.


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Una de las cosas más esperadas y a la vez raras y graciosas es la llegada del videojuego para PS4: HOHOKUM: The guano factory.

Este es el trailer:

Y esta es la info que dan sobre su gameplay:

The player is a serpent creaturecalled the “Long Mover”. There are few set objectives, though the game is non-linear.There is no score, time limit, or tutorial. Developer Richard Hogg has said that the game is about “relaxing in a space and just enjoying the experience and the music, instead of trying to complete it to make progress”. An IGN preview said it is “simply about the beauty of exploring”.The game communicates with visual and audial cues.

Two buttons slow or speed the Long Mover, and the triggers make it wiggle for a boost. The Long Mover changes in color based on the direction it faces, and the DualShock 4’s light bar matches the color.

The game is split into worlds, each with specific characters, a single primary goal, and secondary activities. All worlds are unlocked from the beginning. In “Lamp Lighting”, the player activates lights while flying past silhouettes, and each light adds a new layer of music. The player flies through a series of color-changing circles to access the next world. In Sponge Land, an underwater world, the player gathers fish to swim alongside the Long Mover.The player collects seeds in the Kite Village. Another level involves creating shapes in the sky by flying past stars.
The game has Trophies

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